The LIFE you save might be your own child !

Would you know what to do?

Knowledge breeds confidence.

Our short-course First Aid training is ….

• Affordable     • Practical    • Accessible     • Convenient

At Family First Aid we’re passionate about equipping parents to react appropriately to the many accidents and incidents that can happen in any home, especially around little kids.

Kids move so fast that before you can blink they’ve opened a cupboard and drunk something bad. Or your back’s not even turned and they’ve climbed onto some high furniture and fallen hard. And medical science can’t yet explain why sometimes babies simply stop breathing in their cots.

Our Practical Approach courses are open to Anyone, to impart the skills and knowledge to cope with emergences.
And naturally we teach Prevention as well.

• Affordable - from as little as $30 per head.

• Practical - just 2 hours long, so you can attend with minimal disruption to your busy schedule.

• Accessible - Regular venues, Plunket, Community Centres etc, or we will come to you for groups of 8 people.

• Convenient - we run the courses at times to suit you - morning, afternoon, evening.

Invest just 2 hours of your time with us, to learn CPR, and learn also how to cope with Burns, Falls, Breaks, Choking,
Cuts and Bleeding, Febrile Convulsions, Poisoning,
... and much more

Join us at a course - soon!

Call us on (09) 473 1637 or email me to find out where and when you can join us.

Worried about accidents?